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Plastic Surgery The Art of Blepharoplasty

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Author InChang Cho
ISBN 9791159552342
English | 10 Oct 2017
Hardcover | 320p
USD $140.00

Since the author started the plastic surgery, he was told that eye surgeries are extremely hard and as the years go by, it was easy admit that these words are true. Also, as the generations change, results that were satisfac- tory in the past are not viewed as satisfactory anymore, meaning that the majority of people have high expectations and the level of the surgeries are higher too.
It is the nature of plastic surgery that it is delicate but plastic surgery on the eye is even more delicate and the smallest difference in the tech- nique can make a big difference. Despite this fact, there are not enough textbooks that explain the delicate differences of the techniques, and the imported books are usually not suitable for Asian faces or aren’t good techniques at all. To reduce trials and errors from lack of text books, this book is designed to share guidelines.

Special Features
Author wrote based on his own experiences
This book is not an overview of the eye surgery methods, but it covers the experiences of the author that are not dealt in other books, things on which he has different opinions on and things he wishes to emphasize

Double Eyelid Surgery
Precautions before Double Eyelid Surgery, Design of Double Eyelid, Princi- ple of Double Eyelid, Non-incisional Method or Incisional Method, Removal of Subcutaneous Soft Tissue, Depth of eyelid, Technical Categorization de- pend on way of Fixation, Knot, Skin Suture , Rhinotomy

Senile Upper Eyelid Surgery
Plans before Surgery, Operation Method, Ancillary Surgery Method, Prob- lem, Upper Eyelid Sublation below Eyebrow, Notice after Upper Eyelid Sur- gery

Cause of Complications of Upper Eyelid Surgery and Revision Scar, Matter of Double Eyelid Depth, Double Eyelid Pachynsis, Double Eye- lid Asymmetry, Triple Eyelid, Depressed Palpebra and Triple Eyelid, Ptosis, In case removal of Double Eyelid, Early Revision for unsatisfying Double Eyelid

Medial Canthus Revision
Surgery Indication, Surgery Methods, Medial Canthus Repair, Lateral Can- thoplasty

Categorization of Ptosis, Preoperative Examination, Histological opinion of Elevator from Ptosis patient, Categrization of Ptosis - depend on surgery technique, Other Ptosis, Recurrence Degree of Ptosis, Case of Monocular Ptosis or Binocular Ptosis which has extreme difference of Ptosis, Change of MRD1 depend on cyclicity of Eyeball, Severe Partial Ptosis, Inner Ptosis or Outer Ptosis, Reason why accuracy of Ptosis surgery is difficult, Change of eye size depend on degree of Recurrence of Ptosis, Case of Monocular Ptosis or Binocular Ptosis which has extreme difference of Ptosis, Modu- lation of eye-level in case General Anesthesia, Catamnesis and Treatment after Surgery, Ptosis Surgery and Double Eyelid Surgery, Upper Eyelid In- volution

Lower Eyelid Revision and Midfacial Lifting
Aging process and treatment, Anatomical Structure of Lower Eyelid, Sur- gery Method, Fat around Eyes, Lower Eyelid Involution, Treatment after surgery, Complication Revision for Angulus Temporalis lengthening proce- dure(Lateral Canthoplasty), Lower Eyelid Inversion

Author InChang Cho, MD PhD
Education, Work 1969-75 Yonsel University graduate
Experience, 1978-83 finished resident at Severance Hospital Plastic Surgery
Accomplishments, Publications 1984 medical degree

Work experience
1984 Trained at Plastic surgery in Japan Geio University 1985-2011 Director of Bando Eye Plastic Surgery
2006.10 Trained at Paces clinic at Atlanta in USA 2002-2004 Director of Plastic surgery of Korean Medical Practitioners Association
2004-2006 Director of The Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2000- Associate Professor of Plastic surgery of Yonsei University College of Medicine
2012- Current : Director of BIO Plastic surgery

Clinical consideration for ptosis
1980 Clinical consideration for ptosis - Academic Journal of the Korean Society of Plastic Surgeons
2006 Early Revision of unsatisfying upper eyelid - Academic Journal of the Korean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
2008 Lower eyelid involution revision - Academic Journal of the Korean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
2011 Surgical Correction of Multiple Upper Eyelid Folds in East Asians - PRS 2012 Correcting Upper Eyelid Retraction by Means of Pretarsal levator Lengthening for Complications following ptosis surgery - PRS
2014 Under-Through Levator Complex Plication for Correction of Mild to Moderate Congenital Ptosis - Ophthal Plast Reconstr Surq

Cosmetics& Reconstructive Oculoplastic Surgery 3rd Edition(2009) Cosmetics& Reconstructive Oculoplastic Surgery 2nd Edition Upper eyelid plastic surgery complication and revision
Lower Eyelid Plastic Surgery
Eye Plastic Surgery Complication and the Treatment
Asian Facial Cosmetic Surgery(2006) - Revision Double Eyelid Operation


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